News from Brook House 2018/19

Who killed Macbeth?

The Young Shakespeare Company arrived in school to stage a performance of Macbeth, which is currently being studied as part of the Year 6 literacy topic.

The actors were fully-dressed and brought the story to life, engaging and interacting with the children throughout. This is a highlight for our Year 6 children.

Laughter throughout Brook House

We had a visit recently from the 'That Poetry Bloke', Craig Bradley.

Craig worked with all year groups throughout the day and we had a special assembly at the end of the day for whole school. Raucous laughter was heard throughout the school from both the children and staff.

If you get chance look for him on youtube, it's well worth a look.

Y4 Science

Our Year 4 children having fun with their latest Science experiment...


This year, with Remembrance Sunday falling on the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, we asked the pupils of Brook House to create a poppy of their own, as part of their home learning. This was to create a special 'Remembrance' display in the school's foyer to also commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women involved in the two World Wars and later conflicts.

The poppies soon came flooding in; some painted or made from all types of different materials. Each poppy, lovingly and thoughtfully made by our pupils, are all unique in style.

The Waltham family have very kindly loaned some wartime equipment and uniform, which has made our display even more special and wonderful for our pupils to experience.

A huge thank you goes to Mrs Joel for putting this display together.

Fundraising Star

Evie Thorne in year 5 has been fundraising through coffee mornings and has raised £203.15 for Macmillan cancer support charity.

Well done Evie!





Spears at the Ready!

As part of their creative curriculum Topic 'Invaders, Raiders, Settlers and Traders', our Year 5 children visited the Yorkshire Museum and Danelaw Centre in York.

The children had an amazing time learning about the way the Vikings lived. They made clay oil lamps, ground flour to make bread and practised their battle skills!

It was great fun and the children had a brilliant day.

Year 3 day out exploring

Our Year 3's had a great day out visiting Creswell Crags as part of their creative curriculum topic.

During the visit the children did a selection of activities based on the Stone Age and Prehistoric Britain, including reassembling a skeleton and spotting 27 caves, one of which they toured. This cave had particularly large spiders and mummified rats, which the children found extremely interesting.

Harvest Festival

A huge thank you to all pupils and parents for their generous donations to our Harvest Festival Assembly. This helps us support The Archer Project, which works with the homeless and vulnerable in Sheffield to help them find ways out of homelessness and exclusion.

Year 6 Creature Invasion

Our Year 6 pupils enjoyed a morning meeting creatures as part of their topic on Brazil.

The visit reinforced the knowledge and understanding of creatures and their habitats. In addition, children were able to hold different animals such as snakes, lizards and spiders.

The visit was a huge success with both teachers and pupils enjoying the experience.

Year 3 Stone Age Day

Our Year 3 children had a visit from The History Van. This was a unique, interactive experience where the year 3 children and staff dressed and acted as prehistoric cavemen re-enacting important events from this period.

The children made weapons and clothes and designed their own jewellery.

The whole day was a great success, thoroughly enjoyed by both pupils and staff.

Exciting Playground Plans!

This picture shows the exciting plans we have for our outside area in the coming year.

We are committed to making our outside area an amazing play space for our children so playtimes can be as fun and enjoyable as possible. All our fund raising is now focused on this project.

We hope you can support us in the coming year to make our dream possible!