Year 3 2017/18

Welcome to our Year 3 page for this year.

Here are just a few examples of some of our fantastic work, trips and exciting learning.

Year 3 Stone Age Day

Our Year 3 children had a visit from The History Van. This was a unique, interactive experience where the year 3 children and staff dressed and acted as prehistoric cavemen re-enacting important events from this period.

The children made weapons and clothes and designed their own jewellery. The whole day was a great success, thoroughly enjoyed by both pupils and staff.

Spears at the ready!

Our Year 3 children enjoyed a fun packed day out at Creswell Craggs. This was part of their topic on Prehistoric Britain.

They took part in a selection of workshop activities and outdoor tasks based on survival skills, these included spear throwing and den building. Luckily the rain held off for us.

Y3 visit Weston Park

Our Year 3 children took a tram ride to Weston Park Museum as part of their Egyptian topic.

Here they learnt how to embalm and make a mummy just like the Ancient Egyptians.

The children also spent some time becoming history detectives and examining artefacts and making a Shabti, a pocket-sized servant. They have enjoyed continuing the theme during class and are making items for an exhibition in school.