Year 4 - 2017/18

Sports Challenge

4LS went to the EIS and had a fabulous day taking part in POINTS Network Games.

We had a fantastic time doing everything from basketball to badminton, athletics, cricket and relay races.

Well done to all the children who attended.




Year 4 go into Space

Year Four blasted off to Space with their trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester.

The highlight was the trip to the planetarium where they watched a film called 'Astronaut', detailing the hard conditions astronauts must live in whilst in space and what they must do to prepare their bodies prior to blast off.

As always, the children represented Brook House very well.

Year 4 Musical Treat

4RC have been learning to play the cornet this term with lessons from Mr Horscroft who is from Sheffield Music Hub.

The lesson ended with a performance for parents which was a great success.


Art Work from 4RC

Devon 4RC

Caelan 4RC

Sydney 4RC

Year 4 Open Morning

Some of our classes have been lucky enough to have parents visit for the morning.

This was a fantastic experience where parents had first-hand insight into how their children are taught, witnessing either a Maths or Literacy lesson.

It was great to see lots of parents take up this opportunity.

Roman Fun Day

Our Y4's had a 'Roman Day' to bring their Roman topic to life.

It was a wonderful day with the children and teachers dressing up as Romans and having the opportunity to handle artefacts and meet a Roman expert, alongside doing a range of fun activities to reinforce their learning.